Put your data to work

Datacam uses proprietary software, facial recognition, and human auditing to uncover business opportunities.

Traffic and Conversions

Effortlessly view all the rep-level insights you need to promote top earners, identify coaching opportunities and optimize your staffing.

Compliance & Transparency

Know what your employees are working, when they're actually working, and if they're meeting expectations.

Retail Analytics

Employee Monitoring

From sales reps to regional managers, our video monitoring team reports your employees' time on camera so you can uncover discrepancies.

Trending Reports

Examine and evaluate business insights across your entire company through our weekly / monthly trending analytics reports.

Advanced admin controls

Configure employee information and permission levels by adding and removing users, all from one centralized dashboard.


Designed for businesses, big and small

Track, analyze and measure more than just your in-store traffic.

Loss Prevention

Discover sales opportunities and examine preventable losses, time theft and fraudulent transactions.


ReBiz’s reconciliation software disputes, resolves, and secures unmatched commissions and make sure your money goes into the bank.

Retail transaction

Stack Ranking

Streamline your employees key performance indicators into one, integrated report to evaluate performance levels throughout the company.

Workload Automation

Eliminate the guesswork out of scheduling, identify peak hours and optimize your payroll through ReBiz's traffic pattern technology.

Call Tracking

Create custom marketing campaigns, drive more traffic, increase qualified leads and boost conversions with our call tracking software.


It’s time you got to know your customers.

If you’re thinking about using Rebiz or if you’re just looking for more information, we’d love to chat.

  • Customer analytics, video analytics, and data visualization tools
  • True traffic counts (down to the employee level)
  • Employee monitoring
  • Fraudulent transaction flags
  • Custom marketing campaigns
  • Staffing automation for peak days and hours
  • Cash and commission reconciliation